Caring as much as you do
Bespoke Pet Service 
At Paws by The Pier we believe your pet should be looked after to the high standard it deserves as a valued extended member of your family.  We pride ourselves on excellence and know that this not only means exercising your pet well but also providing a loving and personal service that exceeds both you and your pets requirements.

Fully Insured. DBS - Fully Police Checked. Highly Credible References.
Registered RSPCA volunteer since 2013. Socially & Environmentally Responsible.
We pride ourselves on our professionalism and as such have been approved as a member of Brighton & Hove City Councils Professional Dog Walkers Code of Conduct. 
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    Our Dog Walking service is bespoke to meet your dogs needs. We do not walk your dog in groups.
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    Pet/Home Sitting
    We believe that just because you need to go away from time to time it doesn't mean your pet has to. Kennels & catteries can be very stressful for many pets and their owners and this service allows you to not only know that your pet is being cared for whilst you are away in familiar & comfortable surroundings but also that your home is safe & secure. We're even happy to get some essentials in for when you return home ... giving you more time to enjoy the important things. Alternatively, you may be wishing for an evening out or staying in one of Brighton & Hove's hotels and are wishing to enjoy a trip to the theatre or an evening out on the tiles, we are happy to pet sit in your hotel room or take your pet out to explore the sights and have some exercise ... after all it's not fair if you have all the fun !
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    Pet Taxi
    We are fully insured to transport your pet and will do so safely and securely to a veterinary/grooming appointment or another location at your request.
Professional & Caring Service 
The choice of location when walking your dog/s varies depending on the walk required. We are happy to walk your dog where he/she will get the best exercise and most enjoyment from their walk so if you have a preferred or special place please let us know.  Alternatively, we will be happy to choose from the many wonderful parks, green spaces or coastal paths in the area. We will always ensure your dog/s safety is paramount wherever we walk them. 

Prior to any service we will arrange to meet along with your pet/s preferably in your home to ensure that you and your pet/s are well aquainted and comfortable. During this time we will ask about your pet’s history which enables us to care for them to the best of our ability whether it be for a one off or regular booking.

All dogs will be walked on the lead until we are confident they will recall and then only with the owners consent.